Clay Body Wraps


There are several types of body wraps out there, and those looking to drop inches and pounds can pick from mineral, herbal or clay body wraps treatments or kits. For weight loss one might consider the detoxifying effects of clay when selecting which type of wrap to use. When clay is combined with seaweed the greatest detoxifying benefits are shown, but that is not your only option. For body sculpting and slimming, make sure your wrap is done in smaller strips of material that are applied in a firm wrap. If your issue comes from loose saggy skin, or is related to retained water, blemishes, or toxins, clay is ideal for pulling out excess toxins and smoothing the skin while promoting the release of retained water.

Spa based clay body wraps cost between 100 and 300 dollars depending on the materials used for it. Buying a kit with reusable wraps and refills on the clay can give you longer term weight loss benefits for wraps done at home at a fraction of the cost. Make sure to double check reactions and drug interactions before picking a wrap to ensure nothing goes wrong during it. Clay has other benefits besides body sculpting. It can improve the look of the skin through healing acne, stretch marks, and dry skin. The process tightens the skin and increases circulation to promote a glowing complexion.

You might wonder how it does this. Clay body wraps in any form, consist of a clay base and a wrapping material. This can be a reusable elastic compression type wrap or a disposable plastic one. The clay is applied to exfoliated skin and the wrap is applied. The process is done in such a way as to promote sweating which releases toxins held in the skin, and this can tighten and tone the body as a result. While the weight loss might not be permanent, it is usually substantial enough to register on the scale, making body wrapping a good way to get results quickly for a special event. After a wrap the skin feels silky, with lines and blemishes much reduced in appearance. The process is relaxing and can reduce blood pressure and stress also.

The type of clay often used in clay body wraps is very important. Here are the most common ones and what they can do for you. Bentonite clay is used for drawing out toxins. It is the common base in clay facial masks. French Green clay is another type of detoxifying clay with high mineral content. Red clay is used to tone the skin. Sea Clay is used to treat blemishes and reduce oils in the skin. Dead Sea Clay has a high potassium level to regulate moisture in the skin. It is not the clay itself that leads to weight loss. The trick to slimming is how the wrapping is done. So pick your clay for clay body wraps based on the secondary effect you desire. Red clay might be just perfect for high levels of toning.

You can also find mixed products for weight loss type clay body wraps. These include seaweed and cocoa added blends. Usually these are sold as “mud” instead of clay. Remember you can see 5-15 inch reduction from Wrapping, sometimes in the first one. Many do it on a regular basis though.